Supported projects

N202002 – Sensitive Fluorescence scanner as an accelerator of gene therapy assessment

Scientific leader
Dr. Stéphanie Tomé

The Myology Research Center actively participates in the evolution of scientific and technological knowledge in order to increase the development of innovative gene therapies for rare genetic diseases without treatment. This research, going from basic research to preclinical evaluation, has as finality, the implementation of clinical trials in humans and undoubtedly depends on i) the rapid progress of our knowledge in fundamental research; ii) preclinical validation in cell and animal models; iii) access to advanced technologies. Thus, we propose to access the most recent Licor Odyssey CLx which allows to quickly and quantitatively detect signals by infrared fluorescence on more than ten daily laboratory applications. This imaging system has therefore become an essential tool to accelerate our research for therapeutic purposes.



Team 4 – Repeat Expansions & Myotonic Dystrophy (REDs)

Centre de Recherche en Myologie

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