Supported projects

MA202002 – Diagnosis and monitoring of pre and post gene therapy patients at the Biological Resource Center (CRB-DNA) of Necker Hospital

Scientific leader
Dr. Marie-alexandra Alyanakian

The Biological Resource Center (CRB-DNA) of APHP.CUP BioPhyGen DMU is a certified platform of the Federative Research Structure of the Necker campus. The objective of this center is to keep biological samples from patients (and their families) suffering from genetic diseases including rare pathologies and patients who will benefit from gene therapy, either for “diagnosis” or for “research” within the framework of precise and oriented research projects.In this context, the CRB-DNA performs samples treatments: reception, transformation of the samples into different forms of derived products (DNA, leukocyte pellets, peripheral blood lymphocytes, EBV-transformed cell lines and fibroblasts culture from skin biopsies), secure long-term storage and availability of biological samples, in compliance with national and international regulations. The acquisition of a nucleic acid extractor (DNA, RNA) from different types of samples, which can meet the current and future needs of users is essential to allow the CRB-DNA team to extend its services and facilitate research, particularly in gene therapy, for the Region, national and international communities.



CRB-ADN Necker

Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades

149 rue de Sèvres

75015 Paris