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T201804 -T-reg-mediated tolerance induction with AAV vectors

Scientific leader
Dr. David Gross

Our immune system has the function of preserving the integrity of our body by neutralizing the elements that would disturb the balance maintained with our environment. Sometimes, however, this system turns against the organism itself: there is autoimmunity and only non-specific treatments exist so far, having more or less undesirable effects.

AAV gene therapy vectors, which are well tolerated in humans, make correction of various rare genetic diseases possible and are growing rapidly. It has recently been shown that AAVs could also be used to modulate our immune system very specifically, and thus heal common pathologies such as autoimmune diseases. We will study here the effect of a simple administration of these AAVs on the immune balance restoration, by focusing on their formulation, their mode of administration and their mechanism of action.


DIM Thérapie Génique



Immunology and liver diseases lab, INSERM UMR951 – INTEGRARE


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