Supported projects

N202003 – Purchase of a Transmission Electron Microscope with a cryogenic object holder and of a Cryoplunger

Scientific leader
Dr. Bruno Saubaméa

Gene therapy involves treating diseases by introducing DNA or RNA into cells. From one hand, it requires to identify the diseases likely to be treated by this approach and, on the other hand, to develop vectorization strategies to bring the nucleic acids into the target cells. Electron microscopy makes possible to observe samples magnified up to several hundred thousand times. This approach is essential not only to know how the internal constituents of cells are altered in diseases, but it is also the unique method allowing direct observation of vectors used in gene therapy such as viruses, lipid complexes or DNA. This project consists in acquiring a transmission electron microscope which will be installed on a platform open to all Paris Region laboratories working on gene therapy projects. It will allow researchers to better understand the diseases they are trying to treat and to develop new vectorization tools to improve the efficacy of gene therapy treatments.



Molecular and cellular imaging Platform

Université de Paris – Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris

4 avenue de l’Observatoire

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