Supported projects

M201901 – Quantification of the mitochondrial and dermatological gene therapies effects by 3D live cell videomicroscopy

Scientific leader
Dr. Agnès Rötig

Our project involves the acquisition of a 3D live cell imaging device that allows the non-invasive study of cells in culture over long periods of time. Robust cell imaging techniques already exist but require the use of probes or specific markings that can affect the function of the investigated molecules and cell viability. 3D explorer from Nanolive allows the analysis of living cells to study the processes of growth, division and cell death while keeping the samples alive. This approach will be used in the case of gene therapy projects like i) Friedreich’s ataxia to track cell content transfers between a normal cell and a patient cell, ii) two dermatological diseases leading to either intracellular aggregates of keratins or lipid abnormal localization that will be followed after cellular gene therapy.



Genetics of mitochondrial diseases lab

Institut Imagine

24 Boulevard du Montparnasse

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