Supported projects

T202001 – Donor-specific regulatory T cell therapy in transplantation through CAR engineering

Scientific leader
Dr. Julien Zuber

In organ transplantation, the immunological incompatibilities between donor and receiver are responsible for a vigorous immune response against the graft, leading to rejection. Its prevention requires continuous administration of immunosuppressive treatments which depress all immune responses, causing an increased risk of infections and cancers. We propose to develop an alternative strategy, specifically targeting the graft response, based on the engineering of regulatory T cells from the receiver by gene transfer and modification. Our preliminary data show the efficiency of these cells in vitro and in vivo, but we now wish to evaluate them in more complex models of humanized mice, in order to allow their potential to prevent chronic rejection and to induce a lasting tolerance, without immunosuppressor. This validation step in relevant preclinical models is essential for their clinical implementation.



Human lymphohematopoiesis lab INSERM UMRS 1163

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