Supported projects

T201905 – Use of universal MAIT cells carrying a chimeric receptor (CAR-MAIT) in an allogenic context

T lymphocytes genetically engineered to express a chimeric receptor (CAR-T) have fantastic potential in adoptive immunotherapy, but must be made individually for each patient, which is a complex, time-consuming and expensive procedure, limiting their use. Our goal at Saint-Louis hospital is to produce universal, ready-to-use CAR-T for any receiver, using mucosal-associated invariant T-cells (MAITs), which are unable to induce graft versus host disease (GVHD). These CAR-MAIT could therefore be used in allogeneic situation, and therefore faster access for the patient and much cheaper than current preparations. This project requires extensive analysis of the CAR-MAIT phenotype at different stages of production to verify their stability.