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H201801 – Inversed motorized microscope equipped for infected live-cell imaging

Scientific leaders
Pr. Marina Cavazzana et Dr. Mickael Menager

As part of the research already carried out by the team of Marina Cavazzana concerning the DIM gene therapy and AIDS virus, the containment laboratory 3, already existing at the Imagine Institute, has acquired an inversed fluorescence microscope, allowing to follow in real time and with a very good level of accuracy, viruses expressing fluorescent proteins. This equipment is an important element for testing the various developments of gene therapy trials on the AIDS virus. It allows in particular to monitor and analyze the efficacies of the AIDS virus infection on genetically modified cells in order to make them resistant to infection and the spread of the AIDS virus. A cross-functional collaboration with the team of Mickael Menager has been set up to study the interactions between the AIDS virus and our immune system.


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Inflammatory responses and transcriptomic networks in diseases

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