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Interview: Nick Leschly, CEO at Bluebird Bio

Nick Meschly

Bluebird bio is one of the pioneers in the field of gene therapy, developing gene therapies for severe genetic diseases and cancer. The recent clinical trials for the Zynteglo in the beta-thalassemia treatment are very encouraging, since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has annouced a favorable opinion for the marketing authorization (see article “New approval in gene therapy for the treatment of beta-thalassemia“).

Bluebird bio is a human company powered by human stories with only one goal : allow the patients facing limited treatment to live their lives fully. Nick Leschly, Chief Executive Officer & Director at bluebird bio since 2010, explains in the folowing interview how putting patients first and boldly pursuing transformative therapies has positioned his organization “dangerously close to the start line.”

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